Secret Songs is a record label founded by electronic musician Ryan Hemsworth. The label, which generally releases new songs on a track-by-track basis, aims to promote the work of emerging and underground electronic artists.

I was approached by Ryan to redesign from the ground up the brand identity of his label. Ryan wanted a visual aesthetic that was young and playful, so I chose black and white as the primary colors, with a complementary secondary color palette.

I maintain art direction full time for Secret Songs and create art every two weeks to accompany the label’s new releases.


Art Direction

For this project, my goal was to create a brand identity that was consistent, but flexible, which is why I decided to go with clean, custom-made, hand-drawn line illustrations that I paired with a fun, modern typography.

The end result is playful, modern, energetic and perfectly in line with Ryan's vision for his label. 


Each illustration was hand-drawn. I wanted the illustrations to capture the spirit of the song they accompanied, so I chose colours and a theme that matched the music and lyrics.

Back-End Programming

The Secret Songs website is designed to play tracks directly from SoundCloud, which are revealed via mouse hover. Since the website connects to an external website, I worked hard to ensure that the visual presentation of each track remained consistent with the Secret Songs brand identity.

Video Projections

I designed a series of animated characters for Ryan Hemsworth live performance at NXNE 2014. I also developed the stage design and projection mapping.