Since 2009, Sight & Sound Festival seeks out the best digital art currently being made by international and local emerging artists. It embraces the fringe of contemporary digital art and culture through installations, performances, workshops, interventions, and discussions. Sight & Sound is seeing the unseen and hearing the unheard. It’s experiencing the indescribable. It is where contemporary digital art meets its political agenda. It’s a festival that invites the possibility of social change through art, music, and all-night dancing. The Festival is produced by Eastern Bloc.


Under the theme [Non-Compliant Futures], Sight + Sound festival 2017 performed an autopsy of the grand narrative of innovation, the very one which promised us a radiant future dependent upon hyperconsumption, techno-positivism, digital colonialism, and the myth of infinite growth. With over thirty international guests, the festival program, curated by, will question the standardized imaginaries of the future and highlight intersecting paths and strategies that aim to reveal, perturb, and pervert the cult of innovation.

Following on from the gospel of progress, evolution, and growth from centuries past, today’s vocabulary of innovation and disruption are rhetorical instruments par excellence. They flood the dominant discourse of our times, flowing from the political arena into the fields of labour, education, and art. Meanwhile, in periphery to the daily onslaught of techno-solutionist propaganda, numerous critical, alternative, deviant, and speculative practices are (re)emerging globally. They pave the way to a critical and grassroots reappropriation of the possibilities envisioned by our technological society.

Sight + Sound 2017 calls to break free from a linear notion of progress and, rather, re-introduce concepts such as degrowth and maintainability to the core of our vision of the future. It is also an invitation to embrace our alien-becoming, which we are already collectively enduring with the whole of human and non-human life.

Together with artists, activists, performers, and theorists, NON-COMPLIANT FUTURES inhabits this tsunami of capitalism and human action by populating it with a host of artistic alternatives — rather unlikely but preferable possibilities that will act as the basis to broader debate and critical projections  into the future.

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Program Design

As the primary marketing material, we created a comprehensive program detailing the artists and show times. Printed as a large poster with the main brand visuals on the opposite side, the piece folded neatly into a booklet to reveal a secondary perspective of the art.

Video Production

To emphasize on theme of the festival we created a video that was aesthetically minimal and powerful — drawing your eye to the message: Techno-critique, activism et emancipation par la détournement de la technologie. 

Festival Merch

To give our artists a take-away, we created a black, eco-friendly tote featuring the main logo and title of the annual festival. This merch allowed the theme of the festival to be carried away and remembered.

Eliane Ellbogen

Artistic Director
Direction artistique

Martín Rodríguez

Lab Direction
Direction du lab

Grégory Perrin 

Technical coordinator  Coordination technique

Claire-Amélie Martinant 


Mireille N’Gouan


Alicia Turgeon

Administrative Intern Stagiaire administratif

Mathilde Zabiegala 

Communications Intern Stagiaire communications

Naïma Alibay 

Production Intern Stagiaire production

Milo Reinhardt

Video Production

Laura Manzanaro
Bathio Alexandre Diarra

Technical Interns Stagiaires technique

Eliane Ellbogen, Amber Berson, Aurélie Besson, Benoit Paolop, Blake Hargreaves, Pamela Tudge, Nathalie Bachand, Martín Rodríguez

Programming Committee Comité de programmation

 Cecile Lopes


Photography Credits

1. RYBN [FR]


3. Bambii

4. Exonemo (Yae Akaiwa & Kensuke Sembo)

5. Audrey Samson