is a collective dedicated to the research and creation of audio-visual art engaging with the futurity of interactive media, cyberculture and augmented reality. operates as a collective of artists based in Montréal. Our creative endeavours take on many forms. We produce music, digital art, performances, installations, sound design, projection mapping and more. We share a studio where our practices can intersect freely. In the recent past we have presented work at Mutek, RBMA, Sight+Sound Festival, Forms Festival, and Never Apart, as well as having completed a residency and collective showcase at la Société des Arts Technologiques.

MUTEK 2016 performed during MUTEK 2016, opening the festival. The set, for which I designed motion graphics with Milo Reindhardt, was a continuation of the narrative we presented the year before, focusing on the topic of big data and its impact on society. The show featured music from the collective as well as tightly synchronized visuals, driving percussions and a deeply engrossing atmosphere.

MUTEK 2015

Our goal for this project was to tackle the topic of big data and its impact in society. The video projections and music are highly contrasted and present themselves in patterns and repetitions, using footage of mechanical engines and leaked documents to create a live composition that reveals a complex narrative about the ever-increasing presence of data in our lives. The show was presented at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal (MAC).

I produced an EP called Calculator for Susy in the fall of 2016. Silencio was a collaboration with Montreal-based artist Milo Reindhart.

2. Calculator