Since 2015, I have been commissioned by Turbo Recordings to design several records as well social media assets for the label. 


I designed the typography and artwork for Weltschmerz and Sehnsucht, Charlotte de Witte’s debut release on Turbo Recordings. Charlotte de Witte is a 24 year-old DJ and one of Belgium’s most exciting young talents. Her massively successful collaboration with Oscar & The Wolf sold more than 15,000 units in Belgium alone. Beautiful Photography by Oscar Rubio.

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I worked with Turbo Recordings to design the artwork for Proliferation, a new release from the Brussels-based duo Goldffinch, whose electronic music draws inspiration from Chicago house and Detroit techno, with a little bit of Sheffield bleep thrown in for good measure.


Titled Thinking About Acid, Acid Bitchez's debut record features remixes by accomplished electronic musicians such as Jori Hulkkonen, General Ludd, Zia and Joeski.


I also provided Turbo Recordings with artwork for Multimedia, an exciting new release from the South American duo DJs Pareja. The Buenos Aires-based electronic musicians have been pioneering a new style of Latin techno that incorporates syncopated rhythms, loopy synth lines and raw vocal hooks.

Social Media Redesign

For this project, I had to develop a series of guidelines and tools to ensure that the brand’s visual identity would be consistent across various online platforms.

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram |

Format and Layout

Based on the labels’ needs, I designed a visual format flexible enough to accommodate different dimensions.


I created icons from scratch that matched the label’s visual identity.


I designed a format guideline for different applications and dimensions.

Grid and Composition

I created a grid system based on the dimensions required for each type of media, ensuring visual quality and consistency.

12" Vinyl Record Mockup Artwork

For the vinyl releases, I designed a 3D mockup that can be easily updated.